An Interview with AVX Founder Jared Lewis

Jared Lewis had worked in the local a-v industry, but was frustrated at the inability to fully satisfy his clients' needs. So in 1999, he set out to start his own company. In a recent interview, he remarked on the solid growth of AVX:

“Seven years ago, if you had asked me to describe how our business would look today, I could not have imagined either the level of accomplishment or the recognition AVX has achieved.

Yes, sales have been off the charts. More importantly, we've grown in our relationships with our clients and the community at large.

Therefore, (it's) not about the many installation vehicles, our locations in two states, or even the elaborate systems we've installed.

These things naturally come with solid growth. It's really about what we refer to as our X-Factors - the hidden gems that set us apart. The extraordinary people on our staff and the extraordinary things they accomplish in the background that make everything flow smoothly.

When you hear us say, "With AVX, it's not only what you see, it's what you don't," we're talking about our X-factors.

Without them, AVX is simply another good custom-design and installation firm. However, with our X-Factors, AVX stands apart, capable of providing a level of service above and beyond any other firm in the Southeast.

With our staff's cumulative record of over 200 years of successful design and installation experience, it's why we can confidently say that only AVX can offer the simplest solutions to the most complex problems.

Yet, I have to say that, at the end of the day, if we've merely met our clients' expectations, we've failed! That's because we constantly strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity.”