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Apart from music and video, lighting is the ultimate mood setter. Imagine, as you drive up your driveway your entire home is illuminated, both inside and out, ensuring a safe atmosphere. It can make your home more appealing. But it can also make your home safer and more convenient. Imagine having one lighting scene for entertaining, and another for movie viewing. Or pushing one button and turning off every light in the house on your way out the door. Let AVX tailor the perfect lighting solution for you, from a whole-house system or selected areas of your home you? like to control.

An integrated lighting system has many benefits. Lighting control systems can add value to your home. The preset scenes and automatic timers can conserve power and save you money, as well as running lights at preset dimming levels. An integrated lighting control system adds to the aesthetics of your home by consolidating large banks of switches on the wall into a simple keypad or touch panel.

Imagine these scenes:

  • Your three year old wakes up crying. Her room is down the hall. You know she's probably had a bad dream and she wants Mommy and Daddy.
  • Reach over to the touch panel or iPad on the nightstand and touch it. It comes alive and you touch the section named "Come to Mommy" and the lights softly ramp up in the hallway so that a safe pathway is lit from her room to yours. So do you go there or do you wait? Either way, the path is lit.
  • You and your guests have finished dinner. Now it's time to move into the other room. Simply touch a panel on the wall and the lights fade from the dining room and invitingly glow in the den.
  • You're coming in from the garage with an armful of groceries. Just opening the door causes the lights to ramp up in the kitchen.

Today's lighting control options are so easy to use, that you'll love just thinking about the possibilities.

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