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We Create Home Theater Experiences That will Blow You Away

Don't settle for mediocre. Let our professionals expand your vision of what's possible in your home.

Enjoy the freedom and ease of a fully connected and wireless system throughout your home. No longer confined to a single room, your new home theater will transform each room into an amazing experience beyond what you imagined. Whether you're a music lover, a movie buff, or a sports fanatic, there won't be anything as enjoyable as your customizable system.

Transport your guests into each movie scene with pulsating sound throughout the room and a picture so clear, so crisp, they'll swear they were actually there. And if you'd rather not go to the big game, no worries because your experience will be as epic as 50 yard line seats...but with the ultimate convenience of staying in your home with family and friends.

Our design specialists will sit down with you and find a plan and budget that fits your goals. By integrating our best technology into several aspects of your home, you will maximize your dollars to bring you the best experience at a fraction of the cost. And we will be here for you long after the installation to make sure your equipment is always working to your expectations.


Everything about your home is custom and speaks to your unique character and tastes.

Unfortunately, your home's audio experience may not be to the level of excellence you're accustomed to experiencing.

There is significant room for improvement but you're not sure what's possible.

Let us walk you through the endless possibilities that will make your home the most advanced in the neighborhood.

Whether we're upgrading your home theater room or creating dedicated music rooms, we'll help you make the best decision for whatever you desire and all within your desired budget.

The creative ways we can apply the gift of music to your everyday life are endless.

Call the schedule an appointment, or fill out one of our forms and we'll reach out to learn more about your needs.


Video isn’t just watching your favorite films. It's your favorite movies displayed on a state-of-the-art flat panel TV or monitor which will amaze you and your guests.

Watching your favorite football team is like looking through the window of a 50-yard line skybox. Except that the HDTV image is much more clear!

We excel in providing our clients with mind-blowing home theaters. Our clients have found that their family and friends enjoy the experience together in ways they had not previously.

We have even installed several video game rooms for hard core gamers. This is a unique way to allow video and audio to carry you away into the action.

Need to find out what's possible for your home theater dreams? Give us a call or fill out the form below to speak with one of our professionals.


Each customer projects is different and to ensure yours is the highest quality, we have partnered with the world’s best audio and video brands. Your home or business will benefit from the unique features of our partners based on the needs of your job.


You will benefit from years of our creative design work on projects similar to yours. A consultation with you will give our designers everything they need to create an astonishing experience that is unique. No two jobs are alike for our customers.


Our clients are amazed at how easy and painless the install process is on their new equipment. Whether your home or office needs an audio and video makeover, our team of professional installers ensures that you are up and running quickly.


Once you have your new state of the equipment installed, we are with you to make sure that your experience is just as you imagined – astounding. You’ll never worry about servicing your system with our trained technicians on call.

Creating a home theater system that integrates with your entire home is easier than you think. Whether you're planning to build a new house or you want to upgrade your existing home technology, we have solutions for you.

Some of the common concerns we help you become comfortable with throughout the process are...

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    The cost of your project
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    The timeframe to complete a major overhaul of your entertainment equipment
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    The changing technology landscape
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    The ease of use...even for a novice

Our team will walk with you every step of the way until you are 100% satisfied and have the very best experience each time you entertain guests, or simply sit down to watch your favorite team play.

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