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Higher Education

Education is life itself.

Higher Education

We strongly support all forms of education. We believe the opportunities education provides to be vital to the strength and growth of our great country. This is why we offer a variety of audio and video solutions to our educational leaders. If we can help provide an excellent experience for both teacher and student, then we consider our efforts successful.

And our services for the higher education field go well beyond mere audio and video services. We help exceptional institutions consider all aspects of their educational environment. If you would like to speak with one of our specialists, reach out today. We would love to hear from you.

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Conference and Training Rooms

This is where the bulk of the student educational experience occurs. It’s natural that you want the environment to be conducive to learning and communicating.

We can help.

Our experience in the world of higher education will help make your facility the best for both your educators and your students.

Let our experienced staff analyze and explain how best to use your space to make the maximum impact while staying within your budget.

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The safety and security of your students and staff are of the utmost importance. Knowing you have done due diligence and have installed the appropriate security and surveillance equipment in the right places will help give everyone on your campus peace of mind.

At AVX, we work with colleges and universities of all sizes to help design and install the perfect solution for their security needs and for the protection of all.

Our best-in-class equipment and service means that you will never sacrifice security and quality for the sake of your budget. We have the right equipment for your institution.

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Video Walls

Older libraries, lecture halls, and bulletin boards all have their place but are losing their luster with the rise of digital display technology such as video walls.

Video walls are becoming more prevalent on expanding campuses, where they are used for both education and entertainment. Both faculty and students enjoy the enhanced quality of education as well as the modern “wow factor.”

Video walls also help your university stand out from the crowd when prospective students and their parents come to visit. It’s safe to say that your students are looking to learn in an environment with advanced IT and display technology.

Let AVX help you integrate the most modern technology so that you can attract the best prospective students and faculty and maximize the benefits of classroom time.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used by your institution to help communicate important messages across your entire campus—and to the community at large—with ease and potency.

At AVX, we understand the need to engage your students, faculty, staff and even prospective students on a daily basis. With digital signage, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that in a modernized, efficient manner.

Whether you need to share university news, recent announcements, or get everyone fired up for the big game, we can help you do that from one application to all of your digital signs.

Reach out to learn more about updating your communication channels at reasonable prices.

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We Can Transform Your Home Too

Our residential services will set you apart from your neighbors and make your property the highlight of any social gathering.

Need Some Ideas?

Check out our client work and see what we have done for others. You can come to us with ideas or we can design build out your dream entertainment center.

Hire The Best

Our team of professionals has 80+ years of residential and business automation and technology experience. You shouldn’t leave something so important in the hands of amateurs.


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