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Your guests are there to enjoy life and share with friends. Creating a cheerful and friendly environment requires thoughtful planning and a commitment to excellence. Our services for the hospitality industry will help you stand out from your competition and give your guests an experience that keeps them coming back.

Whether you’re delivering your message via video walls, interactive kiosks, a state of the art business center or making sure your guests enjoy watching TV in their rooms, we have the solutions for you.

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are often the primary reason large groups congregate at a particular hotel or lounge. Designing and building a meeting/training room must be well thought out in advance. There are multiple things to consider before your vision can become a reality.

At AVX, our team will help you make decisions that bring long-term value your business and guests. Our team of designers and installers will help keep your project costs down while making sure everyone that uses your conference and training facilities has an excellent experience.

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The safety and security of your guests and staff are of the utmost importance Knowing you have done due diligence and have installed the appropriate security and surveillance equipment in the right places gives everyone the peace of mind needed day and night even as your team works late into the evening.

At AVX, we work with companies in the hospitality industry of all sizes to help design and install the perfect solution for their security needs.

Our best-in-class equipment and service means that you will never sacrifice security and quality for the sake of your budget. We have the right equipment for any size business.

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Video Walls

Video walls are becoming increasingly popular for organizations of all types because of their presentation power and the way they say, “We’re a modern business.”

A video wall is an array of high-quality professional grade monitor panels placed tightly together to form one larger screen. Many times, depending on the room light, they can be a superior alternative to a large projector.

Video walls are most notable because of their impressive size and ultra-thin bezels which help give the impression that the video wall is one massive display.

Our video walls are commercial grade which means they can be operated in your work environment for up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have longer life spans than traditional consumer displays.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an excellent way for you to communicate with your customers or entertain them in waiting areas. It can also be used to tastefully share advertising and promotional messages to the entire community.

Your digital signage can be updated quickly at any time—you’re in complete control!

Thanks to today’s digital innovations, many businesses are moving away from the expensive traditional printed material and stepping up to modern digital signage to share their messages.

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We Can Transform Your Home Too

Our residential services will set you apart from your neighbors and make your property the highlight of any social gathering.

Need Some Ideas?

Check out our client work and see what we have done for others. You can come to us with ideas or we can design build out your dream entertainment center.

Hire The Best

Our team of professionals has 80+ years of residential and business automation and technology experience. You shouldn’t leave something so important in the hands of amateurs.


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