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Houses of Worship

Your Most Important Message Communicated With Excellence

Houses of Worship

Don’t let a malfunctioning presentation detract from the message of your faith. Designing and developing a suitable plan for your congregation is something that we enjoy. We understand the need for quality within budgeting constraints and will work hand-in-hand with your team to make sure we fulfill your vision.

We will customize your project to meet the needs of your growing body of faith to ensure that your system serves you for years to come. Let us walk you through each step of the way so that you can focus on your people while we work to make sure your message is delivered just how you envisioned.

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Conference and Training Rooms

One of our most popular requests, our experienced team will help make your conference room a place to communicate effectively with your staff and visitors.

Many of our faith-based clients find that our upgraded technology solutions help them communicate more clearly to their members as well as to their team.

Whether your conference room is shared with community groups for their occasional meetings, used as a Bible study room, or is simply a place where the staff collects once a week for a short meeting, we can help you equip your space to meet your needs.

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You want to make sure that your people feel safe at all times but in a way that doesn’t detract from the central message of your faith.

Our security solutions for houses of worship are advanced and affordable for small and large congregations alike. Having the right security/surveillance equipment can prevent vandalism and protect your property, including during less busy times of the week when there are fewer staff members on premises.

At AVX, we will work with your team to design the perfect solution for the safety and security needs of your congregation.

Our best-in-class equipment and service means that you’ll never sacrifice quality for the sake of your budget. We have equipment and systems for all types and sizes of faith-based organizations.

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Video Walls

We understand that the message you share each week is meaningful and important.

It’s also important that slow, faulty or outdated equipment does not detract from the heart of what you’re attempting to communicate.

Our video walls allow you to present and engage your congregation in the most powerful ways. Multiple LED displays have become an affordable and compelling way to aid in worship productions.

A video wall is an array of high-quality professional grade monitor panels placed tightly together to form one larger screen. Many times, depending on the room light, they can be a superior alternative to a large projector. Video walls can display song lyrics, sermon notes, announcements or play a video that complements your message. Give us a call today to explore how we can serve your house of worship.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage can be an excellent way to display messages to your congregation or greet them with inspirational messages in waiting areas. It can also be useful attracting new members to your assembly.

You can update digital signage quickly at any time; you’re in complete control. No longer confined to an announcement in your bulletin, digital signage can get a message out quickly and thoroughly.

In today’s digital environment, most people are becoming accustomed to digital signage to receive and communicate messages. The medium is modern but very tasteful.

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We Can Transform Your Home Too

Our residential services will set you apart from your neighbors and make your property the highlight of any social gathering.

Need Some Ideas?

Check out our client work and see what we have done for others. You can come to us with ideas or we can design build out your dream entertainment center.

Hire The Best

Our team of professionals has 80+ years of residential and business automation and technology experience. You shouldn’t leave something so important in the hands of amateurs.


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