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Personalize The Lighting In Any Space


Lighting is the ultimate mood setter and can work in concert with music and video to produce the ideal environment.

Lighting can make the exterior of your home look amazing all the time and lived in even when you’re gone. It can even be synchronized with the natural cycle of the sun.

With the touch of a button, you can create an atmosphere for a party—or for a quiet evening by the fireplace. One touch can also set the mood for the latest movie or even turn off all the lights as you head out the door.

An integrated lighting control system adds to the aesthetics of your home by replacing large banks of switches on the wall with a stylish keypad or touchpanel. You can also control lighting groups from your smart phone or tablet, even when you’re not home.

We have designed beautiful lighting solutions for hundreds of clients just like you. Reach out, and our team will help you determine the best lighting solutions for your needs.

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Endless Possibilities

An integrated lighting system has many benefits. Begin with increased comfort, safety and energy savings—and increase from there!

With your touch panel or iPad, you can control lighting in every room of the house. This is incredibly convenient at bedtime—or when you’re stuck late at the office but want it to look like someone is home.

Or maybe it’s time to move your dinner guests into another room. Simply touch your controller and watch as the dining room lights dim and the den lights come to life.

The possibilities are endless, and our clients have enjoyed customized solutions for all of their lighting needs.

Reach out and we’ll help you see what you’ve been missing.

Call to schedule an appointment, or fill out one of our forms and we'll reach out to learn more about your needs.

We Can Help Your Business Too

Many of our residential clients engage us to reimagine their office audio and video space as well. Our team of professionals makes it easy for you to impress at home and at work.

Need Some Ideas?

Check out our client work and see what we have done for others. You can come to us with ideas or we can design build out your dream entertainment center. Either way, you will stand out and have a unique experience to give your guests.

Show Off In Style

The looks and functionality you’ve been dying for are finally available and affordable. We will provide you the freedom to showcase your home and entertain in the way that you deserve.


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