One thing you may be missing in your home is a comprehensive home automation system.

What exactly is home automation?

It means that your HVAC, lighting, surveillance, home theater, even your additional audio and video systems are easily accessible with one simple to use control.

This kind of home automation simplifies your life, allowing you to focus your time and energy on things that matter, like family and friends.

Systems integration

Systems integration can be as simple as putting your lighting controls on the same touchpad as the distributed audio/video.

But it can also be as comprehensive as powering up your home theater system, opening the curtains over your home theater screen, dropping the projector from the ceiling, dimming the lights, and starting the film.

All at the touch of a button.

You will love this aspect of working with our system designers because their creativity will open your eyes to what you never thought was possible.

And unlike the original home automation systems of the past, our integrated system solutions allow you to modify your system as your lifestyle demands. So you’re never locked into one set of parameters.

Efficient Excellence

Are you concerned about how long it takes to install top of the line equipment or to automate your entire home? Get in touch with our team and we’ll walk you through how we make your experience painless and quick!

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Many of our residential clients engage us to reimagine their office audio and video space as well. Our team of professionals makes it easy for you to impress at home and at work.

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The look & functionality you have always wanted in a complete home theater and automation system are yours. You’ll be able to showcase your home’s true beauty to all of your friends.

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