J. Fiorella, Developer:

I heard about AVX and started out simply as a client. I finally began recommending them for my clients when I realized they added so much value to each project! And value-added services are what we are about.

B. Hinton, Brasfield & Gorrie:

In our last high-rise project, AVX was faced with satisfying 70 different clients with wildly varying tastes and needs. I take my hat off to those guys for even trying, much less the fact that they pulled it off! Congrats to AVX!

J. Smith, A/V industry veteran:

In my 35 years in the high performance sector of the A/V industry, I’ve worked with and evaluated hundreds of companies. The common thread of weakness is often the back office, warehouse, and management area. Sure, the front of the store or facility may look very organized, but often the side the public never sees has been carefully hidden.

AVX operates on another level entirely. An example is their online project tracking system. It makes everyone else look amateurish. I’d say that choosing any other company than AVX is like playing Russian Roulette with your home. Why risk it?

M. Stephens, Client:

Since our vacation place was 900 miles away, we selected the top custom a/v firm in that area. What a disaster. It was a complete mess.

Since I used AVX in Birmingham, I decided to give them a call for advice. To make a long story short, they came all the way down to our place in Naples and bailed us out. An expensive lesson, and one I won’t forget.

C. Hazelrig, Client:

I could have chosen other suppliers, some of whom might have been cheaper on the front side. But AVX impressed me with their thoroughness and attention to detail. Plus, they always carry the best equipment.

And another thing they make you feel like family. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

B. Jones, Client:

It’s uncanny. If I read about a new high-tech a/v product and I call AVX to ask about it, not only are they already familiar with the technology, they usually already have it on demo! AVX stays on the leading edge of technology.

A. Krumdieck, Architect:

We’ve worked with AVX on at least 10 projects. They always have better solutions and produce better results than we expect. Simply top flight. What else is there to say?

T. Nelson, Client:

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of custom a/v installation companies for my homes and boats. Frankly, the experience has rarely been trouble-free. In fact, I’m tempted to call some of them the Installations from Hell!

Out of frustration, I asked AVX for help on a system that I had bought from another company. Even though it was expensive, it had never worked right.

What a difference that first visit made! Now, I can’t imagine ever entering into a project without calling AVX.

Dungan & Nequette, Architects:

AVX proves our theory every day. Great architecture is always enhanced by great electronic a/v design.

B. Ingram, Architect:

You know AVX is concerned with the smallest details the first time you notice their name and phone number is on the wires that’ll end up inside your walls!

S. Bryant, Developer:

One reason I work with AVX they are capable of scalable solutions for my clients. From the simplest requirements to the most ambitious, they tailor each to the client’s needs. No one-size-fits-all with these guys.

M. Marlow, Developer:

I first met AVX on one of my projects in Florida. I’ve been so impressed that I now use AVX for my projects not only in Florida but also in Alabama. Same great commitment to excellence in either location.

L. Hand, Interior Designer:

It kinda feels like we’re on a traveling team of specialists that ends up together at job after job! Guess we’ve been in over a dozen successful projects with AVX. The results are always the same our clients love it!

M. Unger, Interior Designer:

Maybe the most important thing to me is knowing I can trust the others on the project to be sure their contribution not only performs to a high standard, but also that it doesn’t get in the way of the overall design of the home. In that regard, AVX’s attention to the smallest detail is second to none!